Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recovery Plan: Each American to receive credit card jointly backed by Goldman Sachs/US govt

Washington - Yes, that is just whats on the table in the latest talks with congressional leaders here in Washington.  Every U.S. Citizen will receive a $10,000 credit line and those who wish for more can apply for credit lines up to $300,000. "Traditional credit scores will be considered but we are also willing to look at other factors since there are a number of cases involving extenuating circumstances at this time," noted Goldman spokesperson David Cohen. Asked about the government's role, Cohen said Goldman was "upbeat," adding that "This is precisely the sort of public/private-sector cooperation that will ensure a solid and lasting recovery." The issuance date for the cards have not yet been finalized, but they should arrive in the mail for every citizen over age 15 by June next year: An enormous undertaking. The US Postal Service has pledged to cooperate by delivering the cards for free, and "those without permanent dwellings will also have a chance to benefit," noted Cohen.

*This article has been circulating across the internet over the last few days and we can say with confidence (although we wouldn't be surprised that they did it) it is false.