Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grassroots Rebellion Picking Up Steam

There’s nothing like a concentrated dose of liberalism to work like smelling salts on the American public.

Here we are almost one year into the Obama presidency and gun sales are still running hot in the midst of a recession.

Political novices are getting involved and taking off work to rally at Tea Parties - even to the point where nearly a million people traveled to Washington, DC in September to tell Congress and the President that they’d better start taking seriously their oath to uphold the Constitution.

Speaking of Obama, the Presidential Approval Index (as reported by Rasmussen) has dropped more than 30 points since he took office. More Americans now "strongly disapprove" of the President than "strongly approve" of him.

Most encouraging, however, is the change in thinking that seems to be sweeping the nation. People who formerly swallowed the pabulum from the political left are now rethinking their positions.

For example, support for gun control is at its lowest level in recent memory. Only three in ten Americans now support stricter gun control according to a recent Rasmussen poll (released October 5). This is a substantial drop from recent years.

Sixty-nine percent oppose the ability of city governments to prevent citizens from owning handguns - an interesting statistic considering that the Supreme Court will be looking at Chicago’s handgun ban this year.

Seventy-one percent of Americans believe the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to own guns. And an equal percentage believes that President Obama is at least somewhat likely to seek tougher gun control laws.

People are scared of what the ObamaCrats are planning to do to them and now they’re rising up to say "ENOUGH!" But the people in the states are not alone, as their legislators are also stepping into the fray.