Monday, October 12, 2009

New "Game" Encourages Secret Police-Style Spying

A new online "game" called Internet Eyes is about to launch, offering players a chance to earn money by spying on people through closed-circuit television cameras and reporting them to the police - for real.

Players of Internet Eyes will monitor "thousands" of CCTV cameras, watching for crimes and reporting them to the authorities in hopes of winning monthly cash prizes of up to £1,000 (roughly $1600). The game's website will also feature a gallery of the people busted by Internet Eyes users along with a breakdown of their crimes and which user caught them. Tony Morgan, one of the men behind the scheme, said he and his partners were inspired to launch Internet Eyes by the fact that while the U.K. has roughly 4.2 million CCTV cameras installed throughout the country - a per-capita rate that easily outpaces even that of China - only "one in a thousand" actually gets watched.

"This could turn out to be the best crime prevention weapon there's ever been," Morgan said. "I wanted to combine the serious business of stopping crime with the incentive of winning money."

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