Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Shocking" Kremlin Succeeds In Gaining Total Access To U.S. Nuke Sites

Washington, DC – Geopolitical analysts around the world were shocked when the State Department announced they would open up all nuclear weapons sites to inspection by Russian military generals. The announcement, made by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sent shockwaves globally as administration critics and military officials questioned the wisdom of the policy.

“It’s national suicide,” a highranking military official shared with TCA on condition of anonymity. “Russia’s first strike capability will be complete with this move.”

First strike capability refers to a country’s ability to defeat another nuclear power by destroying its arsenal to the point where the attacking country can survive the retaliation. In general nuclear strategy, the preferred methodology is to attack the enemy’s launch facilities and storage depots first.

American national security officials were outraged at the naivete and apparent foolishness of Clinton’s policy negotiations, with some branding the decision as ‘the ultimate in treasonous behavior’.