Monday, November 23, 2009

The Anatomy of an American Revolution

The term revolution is defined as sudden change. Sometimes it is subtle and sometimes it is violent. It can manifest itself through unrelenting political tyranny, military and police oppression of the populace, or as a result of the government’s failure to govern as the people have expected and demanded. Although the reasons can be many and the results can vary, the result is usually the same. The people are forced into moving against their rulers. Not because they got up that day and decided to revolt, but because they simply could not face another day of torment, turmoil, and defeat at the hands or their tormentors. Leaders--who consistently and continually sacrifice good government, sound politics, real justice, common sense writing of the law for a “greater good for the world” mentality, and outlaw the sense of openness of the process and the ultimate rightness of government for the American people--have abdicated any legal authority they might have once held, and have forced the remaining option for real change upon their people, impending revolution.