Thursday, November 5, 2009

E-mail From Eyewitness In Romania Concerning Pneumonic Plague

November 4, 2009

It is quite possible that what they are really dealing with is the Pnumonic Plague or black death. There are outbreaks all over Romania now, however they will not give any details on the infection and are still insisting that it is all swine flu. My bravo sierra detector is going off big time. What I am seeing here in Romania and getting reports of in Ukraine, poland, Bulgaria, and Hungary is afast moving disease. If is is the black death, you should be concerned, when the black death wiped out 25% of Europe it took 4 years before the plague subsided. It is virulent however it does NOT burn itself out quickly. Sounds like I need some thieves oil.

It is still early and details are sketchy, but the Romanian authorities and the press here are definitely covering something up.
Hi Will,

Thank you for the kind words. Its the least i can do. I will do whatever I can to be a benefit to this forum and its members. I also want to thank you for your intel and your diligent attention to the unfolding events. You are a great asset here and I just want you to know your contributions are well noticed and appreciated.

Regarding the "man on the street" over in this region of the world, I agree with your assessment. They are in the dark. No one over here is telling them about globalism and its ties to the lucifarian one world adjenda. As a rule I have noticed they tend to be justifiably distrustful of their national and local governments, however inexplicably, they seem to believe that supernational organizations like WHO,IMF, EU, UN etc have their best interests at heart. This is very disturbing and dangerous for all the reasons you know all to well. The only positive thing I can say, is they seem relatively open to listening to the explanation of what is really going on and why. Perhaps this is because of their past experience with communism and the similarity of the tactics used by the forces of globalism.

Thanks for the email and we'll keep this channel open.


PS-I just saw a report of 2 people in cluj (which is north center in the country about 75 miles south of Ukraine in the Transylvania region) were hospitalized in critical condition with "suspected" h1n1. No confirmation yet as of either h1n1 or if it is the Ukrainian strain. It definitely has my attention and I'll be following this closely.