Saturday, May 15, 2010

Medvedev To Assad: Israel Intends To Use Nuclear Weapons On Syrian Cities

Russian President Medvedev handed Syrian President Bashar Assad, an Israeli Warning - Israel intends to use nuclear weapons on Syrian cities if it will be attacked.

The Russian President made it clear for Bashar Assad that Russia had given Israel a green light to do so if Israel will refrain from risking the Middle East oil fields.

Moreover, Russian President Medvedev made it clear that currently there is a silent agreement between the major powers, Russia, USA, France, Britain and Germany, and Israel, that in a Total war, Israel will get all the breathing space it will need to Overpower the Arab world. The message from Jerusalem to Damascus was in these words: "Israel has made it clear that in a total war it will strike Iran, Lebanon and Syria, without pause and without mercy until they beg a cease-fire."